Here's why dogs kick the grass after they poop – I had no idea!

Here’s why dogs kick the grass after they poop – I had no idea!

Everyone who has had a dog knows the strange thing they usually do after they poop. They scratch the ground with their hind legs.

I always thought that just like cats, dogs like to cover their poop with dirt or grass after they go to the bathroom.

But it turns out, I was completely wrong!

There’s actually a perfectly good reason why dogs do this. They have glands in their paws that release their unique pheromones when they rub them against things.

Spreading their scent

Dogs probably rub their paws along the ground to spread their scent and mark their territory. They basically want to show other dogs who is boss. It’s a behavior that is found in all dogs from chihuahuas to Great Danes.


But there’s another theory about why dogs kick their hind legs after they poop or pee. It might simply be a way of spreading out the scent from their poop.

It’s a normal dog behavior

It’s quite normal for dogs to do this, and if your dog suddenly stops kicking up grass after going to the bathroom, it might be cause for concern. Your dog could have pain in its joints or paws, or it might be suffering from arthritis.


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