Firefighters save two dogs who got trapped in massive sinkhole

Firefighters save two dogs who got trapped in massive sinkhole

Sometimes animals get stuck in some very dangerous situations, and it takes some kind rescuers to go out and save them.

That was the case recently, after two dogs got trapped inside a massive sinkhole in Mexico. But thankfully, the dogs have gotten out thanks to a brave rescue mission.

Mexico City has faced a crisis involving a giant sinkhole that has grown to the size of a football field and about 150 feet deep including water, according to AP. The massive hole has swallowed a huge amount of farmland and a house.

A massive sinkhole that appeared in late May in a farm in Mexico has already grown larger than a football field and…

Posted by ABC7 on Friday, June 11, 2021

“It’s a very hard time for us. It hurts, because this is all that we have,” said Magdalena Xalamigua Xopillacle, the owner of the home collapsed into the sinkhole, told AP. “At times we feel sick from so much sadness.”

The situation has made worldwide headlines, and soldiers have been tasked with keeping people far away from the dangerous sinkhole.

But the situation got even worse when it was discovered that two dogs, Spay and Spike, were inside the giant hole. They had apparently been playing in the field when they fell in, and were now trying to avoid the water by clinging to the edges.

But after days trapped in the dangerous hole, these dogs are finally safe, after firefighters launched a rescue.

According to UNO TV, a helicopter rescue would’ve been impossible due to the unstable conditions of the hole, so they had to go down in person. The system involved one firefighter descending into the pit, while other firefighters used a pulley system to carry up the dogs in cages.

But it wasn’t an easy job. It was raining on Thursday, which made the rescue mission more difficult. Lifting the dogs out reportedly took a few attempts.

But they didn’t give up, and soon the dogs were finally back on stable land, their scary ordeal over.

While the sinkhole remains a serious problem — and is reportedly still growing — saving the dogs was an important step forward.

Thank you to the firefighters who performed this risky rescue mission to save these poor dogs! We’re so glad they’re safe from this massive situation.