Dog is found abandoned on the street with note: ‘My dad lost his job and home to COVID’

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted all of our lives. It’s been especially hard on people who have lost their jobs due to business closures and the economic impact.

One recent story shows the heartbreaking result, after a dog was found with a devastating note revealing how she ended up on the streets.

Last week officers at the Johnson County Animal Shelter in Indiana responded to a call about a dog left abandoned, tied up to a tree.

Facebook/Johnson County Animal Shelter

Roadie is an 18-month-old German Shepherd mix. When the shelter workers went to rescue her, they found a note attached to her collar.

It was a letter from the dog’s former owner, which revealed the heartbreaking circumstances that led to her abandonment.

“My dad lost his job and soon his home from COVID,” the note explained, according to WTHR. Apparently due to financial difficulties the owner felt he could no longer care for the dog.

The letter also said that, in better times, the dog was well-cared for: “I was a spoiled girl, my dad gave me my own couch to lay on and my own memory foam bed.”

While the story is sympathetic, this was not the responsible thing to do: the owner should’ve properly surrendered the dog to a shelter. Left alone and tied to a tree, there was a chance Roadie would’ve suffered if not found.

Luckily, that wasn’t the case, and animal control found the dog unharmed.

“This adorable girl is a social dog with a lot of puppy still left in her,” Johnson County Animal Shelter wrote on Facebook. “Roadie is always on the move and eager to see what is next.”

And what’s next is a new home: the shelter announced that Roadie has been adopted!

It’s a heartbreaking story, but we’re glad Roadie is doing well and going to a better home.

Remember that even if you can’t care for your pets anymore, they still deserve to be treated with love and respect.

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