Blind old golden retriever is dumped by her family — now she’s looking for a loving home

There are many pets in shelters waiting for their forever homes. But some have a more difficult time than others, because they have disabilities or special needs and most people don’t want to take on the responsibilities.

And sadly, many of these pets end up in these shelters because their owners abandoned them.

That’s the case for one poor dog, who spends her days waiting for a loving family who will accept her the way she is.

Dumpling is a golden retriever from Gold Coast, Australia. While she’s a good, friendly dog, she’s also completely blind and overweight. Her eyes were removed because they were causing pain.

Apparently this was too much for her original owners, who surrendered her to Labrador Rescue when she was 10 years old.

'Blind, overweight and alone.' Meet Dumpling, she's a 10-year-old Labrador who's up for adoption from Labrador Rescue after being dumped by her previous family. Now she needs her furever home 💜🐶

Posted by Yahoo News Australia on Thursday, January 16, 2020

“I didn’t have the best start to life,” her adoption bio, written in Dumpling’s voice, reads. “I had some puppies over the years and I guess my old owners didn’t need me anymore.”

It’s always heartbreaking when dogs are surrendered by their families, especially older dogs. But despite this setback, Dumpling has been doing well: She has lost 28 pounds since joining Labrador Rescue.

Now, she’s looking for a home. While some people might be put off from adopting this blind old dog, she makes a sweet, easygoing pet.

She’s good with other pets and can be left at home alone if needed. She would prefer a home with no stairs, but the most important thing is that they be a real “forever home.”

“I’m extremely sweet, charming and good natured,” her bio reads. I don’t need much in life just a nice warm home in which to enjoy my last few years.”


She’s also already been desexed, microchipped, heartworm tested and up to date on all her flea and tick treatments.

Dumpling is now up for adoption! We hope someone hears her story and gives her a loving home!

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