Chunky cat siblings surrendered to shelter — now they need a home that will love them both

It can be hard for some shelter pets to find a forever home. Some pets have medical concerns that have to be addressed before they’re put up for adoption. Other times pets are so bonded with another animal that they can’t be separated, forcing them to wait until someone is willing to take them both as a pair.

That’s the case for one pair of cats, who are both overweight and inseparable.

But despite the odds against them, these chunky kitties are not losing hope, waiting for someone to take them in and give them a loving home.

The two-year-old cat siblings were surrendered to ACCT Philly just before Christmas. Their previous owner could no longer afford to care for them, according to The Dodo.

They were named Lady Fluffernutter and Chunk Norris… and it’s not hard to see why: weighing in at about 22 pounds each, these were two hefty cats.

As ACCT prepared to get the cats ready to find a new family, it became clear they would need to be rehomed as a package item—they couldn’t bear to be separated from one another, especially not with the nervousness that came from suddenly being away from home.

“They both were so sad,” ACCT Philly employee Blake Martin told The Dodo. “Lady Fluffernutter is much more outgoing but was lost without her brother and Chunk was so sad without his sister.”

Their weight also raised concerns about their health, so like many people this time of year, these “Christmas hams” will be trying to shed some pounds.

“Both need to go on a diet and will be beginning their weight loss journey with some fresh New Year’s Resolutions!” ACCT Philly wrote on Facebook.

Their weight wasn’t the only issue. Chunk suffered from a medical condition called entropion eye, which causes the eyelid to fold inward, causing pain.

He required an eye surgery to fix the problem. Luckily, ACCT got help: a nonprofit group called Philadoptables covered the costs while Art City Vets performed the surgery at a discount.

The procedure was a success, and now Chunk Norris can see clearly without discomfort.

The two cats are now in foster care, continuing their weight loss journey. They will be put up for adoption soon.

They need a family who will take them both in without separating them, ideally in a space that has plenty of room and that can continue to facilitate their health goals.

After going through so much, these cats are a bit nervous and shy, so they’ll need a little extra love from their new family.

“They are a little shy at first but so sweet,” Blake Martin told The Dodo.

If you or someone you know can offer a good home to these cats, contact ACCT Philly!

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