Dog born with facial deformity can’t find a home, but hopes someone will see her inner beauty

All dogs are beautiful in their own way, but some have a very unique look that makes them, let’s say, not classically handsome.

It’s on the inside that counts, but unfortunately, many of these dogs often go without homes. The reality is that when adopting, most people will gravitate toward the animals they find most cute, passing over many of the older and “ugly” dogs.

Finding them homes can be a challenge… but one good-hearted dog is hoping people will see her for who she really is.

When a litter of five puppies was born to a stray dog in Romania, four were born with the same facial disfigurement, causing their snouts to droop to the side exposing their teeth.

The family taking care of them were advised by vets to have them euthanized…. but the family refused, and luckily the puppies, despite their disfigurement, were happy and healthy.

“These are happy, healthy, playful and affectionate pups,” Safe Rescue for Dogs, the charity caring for the dogs, wrote on Facebook. “They can eat and drink without assistance and have all been neutered with no anesthetic issues.”

But while the other puppies are on track for adoption, the shelter is still having trouble finding a home for 9-month-old Bethany:

Bethany was particularly affected by the deformed genes, and has been struggling to overcome the stigma of her droopy face.

The shelter has found that people assume she must have some serious medical issues, even though that isn’t the case.

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Bethany – she doesn’t even snore when she’s asleep,” Bethany’s volunteer foster Zoe Casey told Metro.

In fact, she says this “happy-go-lucky and absolutely lovely” dog is everything you could possibly want in a pet.

“She loves kids, she’s good with other dogs, she is as near to perfect temperament-wise as you are ever going to get.”

Bethany is a perfectly content, happy dog: she was just born this way, and doesn’t even realize she’s different at all.

With no issues to be concerned about, it really comes down to finding an owner who can look past her appearance.

“There is an attitude of people looking for the picture-perfect dog but I think people need to look a bit deeper,” Zoe said.

“People do see Bethany and they’re a bit shocked by her face but when you have worked in the industry, you aren’t shocked, you just accept it.”

For the Bethany fans <3

Posted by Safe Rescue for dogs. on Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Hopefully some kindhearted person can see Bethany as the beauty she really is!

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