Dog thrown from balcony – family say they don’t want her because she’s ‘ugly’

I can’t imagine having a pet that I didn’t love or care for but these are the heartbreaking circumstances thousands of animals find themselves in every day.

For Celia the dog she was so unloved by her family she was thrown off a balcony. Her family told her rescuers they didn’t want her anyway because she was “ugly.”

Celia may have found herself with a heartless family that didn’t deserve her, but her story has a happy ending.

This sweet dog was thrown from the balcony of a second-floor apartment by a child to another child standing below. The child failed to catch her, and she landed on the concrete floor suffering a smashed leg.


The family then contacted the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA and asked for help.

PETA said the family couldn’t afford to treat her and they didn’t want her anyway because she was “ugly.”

Front leg amputated

“She must have been in excruciating pain when PETA’s fieldworker arrived in response to the family’s call for help. But all she did was wag her tail in helicopter circles and smother the fieldworker with kisses,” a blog on PETA’s website read.

PETA rushed Celia to an emergency veterinary clinic and the news wasn’t good: Celia’s front leg would have to be amputated.


One of PETA’s veterinary staff was so taken with this sweet dog and her attitude, despite losing her front leg, that she fostered her.

“She may have lost a leg but she never lost her spirit,” PETA said.

It wasn’t long before the loving family that she so deserves adopted her.

“Now she is living with a family that will always love and protect her,” PETA wrote.

See this sweet dog in action giving all her human friends a kiss.

Some people do not deserve dogs and I hope this family never get to have another animal again.

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