Baby comforts his scared dog during a thunderstorm in precious viral video

With everything going on the world lately—especially the coronavirus pandemic affecting everyone’s lives—we could all use someone to comfort us and let us know everything’s going to be okay.

Despite all the fear and uncertainty, there’s still a lot of love and compassion in this world, even where you least expect it. Now one video of a scared dog and his unlikely source of reassurance is lighting up the internet.

It’s no secret that many dogs are afraid of thunder. The loud sounds frighten them and they need to be calmed down.

That was the case for one golden retriever, who was hiding in the family’s laundry room to hide from the storm… and was comforted by the baby!

A video posted by Twitter user @akkitwts shows the baby gently petting his scared pet.

While the little guy can’t actually talk yet, he seems to be giving the dog a reassuring pep talk, letting him know everything’s going to be okay. Compassion, it seems, starts at a very young age.

People loved the video, many praising the young child’s kindness and saying it’s a video we could all use right now.

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