Boy wanders into animal shelter and picks the oldest dog who is deaf and blind

While it gives us all hope when a dog is rescued from a desperate situation and taken in by a shelter, we don’t often hear about the dogs who don’t find loving homes.

These dogs are often not the most beautiful, or friendly or young and too many have to be put down to make room for all the other desperate hounds that need shelter – it’s a heartbreaking situation.

So when this boy walked into his local shelter in Iowa and picked the oldest dog to take home he was given all the praise and rightly so, he’s such an animal hero.

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Tristan and his mom visited the Animal Rescue League of Iowa and looked at all the needy dogs desperate for a loving home.

The rescue center has a “hug room” so visitors can see how well they bond with the animals and to give these hounds love when they can.

Out of all the dogs at the center Tristan picked 14-year-old Shey, a small dog that was “deaf, mostly blind and missing all but one tooth. And he loved laps,” staff from the center wrote in a Facebook post.

Apparently the two were a perfect match.

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Posted by Animal Rescue League of Iowa on Thursday, March 22, 2018

“Tristan and his mom took Shey into a hug room, and he settled right into Tristan’s lap and relaxed. The smiles on their faces said it all. ‘We just have a thing for older dogs,’ Tristan’s mom said. ‘Knowing that you’re doing something for them that other people might not do,'” the post read.

It continued: “Now Shey is in a new home … with a new best friend and lots of cuddle time in his future. Congratulations to Shey and his new family!”

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What a great example this big-hearted boy is setting. Please share so more people know about him, he deserves all the praise.