34 dogs rescued from hoarding situation covered in fleas and matted fur

Most people love having dogs in their home, but there is definitely such a thing as having too many. There are sadly many people who hoard pets, taking in far more than they can handle or care for, leaving these animals to suffer in terrible conditions.

That was the scene one rescue team discovered when they saved 34 dogs from a life of misery.

Amy Heinz, the executive director of AHenz57 Pet Rescue and Transport, and her team got word of eight dogs living in a dumpster outside a home in Bridgewater, Iowa. The dogs were in terrible condition, covered in fleas.

Facebook/AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport

Even worse, 12 other dogs were found dead on the property. It became clear that there was a horrific hoarding situation going on in the home.

Through warrants, the rescuers were able to get inside the property and rescue the remaining dogs from this life of hell.

Shockingly, they rescued 34 dogs in total, all living in one home and severely neglected.

Facebook/AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport

“The fleas literally were sucking the life out of them,” Amy Heinz told KCCI. “Horribly matted, so anemic that some of them had to have blood transfusions right away.”

“They are just in really bad shape. The fleas were unbelievable. We were all caked in fleas ourselves after going in the house.”

Facebook/AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport

According to KCCI, the homeowner cooperated with the police so no charges have been filed yet, although she will likely be put on probation.

“The house is going to be condemned by the city because of the deplorable conditions in the house,” Amy said. “Definitely a hoarding situation which is a mental illness.”

As for the surviving dogs, some of them were brought into foster homes, while others needed medical attention first. But now, things are starting to look up, despite their rough beginnings.

The dogs, found with matted flea-covered fur, are now unrecognizable thanks to the volunteer work of local groomers. They are now healthy-looking pups with shiny coats.

With help from Britt with Furry Friends Refuge, we were finally able to obtain a search warrant for the property and…

Posted by AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

We’re so glad these dogs are safe and in better hands. We hope all animal hoarders get the proper help they need, and these animals are spared a life of misery.

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