164 dogs found living in poor conditions in cramped apartment

164 dogs found living in poor conditions in cramped apartment

We love our pets, but it’s definitely possible to have too many. We’ve seen many sad cases of people hoarding animals in too-small spaces—often breeding gets out of control, resulting in too many animals living in bad, cramped conditions.

Now, a whopping 164 dogs have been rescued from a life of misery living in a small space.


According to Reuters, animal rights group Dobutsukikin responded to a call last month, and discovered 164 dogs cluttered in a 323-square-foot apartment in Izumo, Japan.

They called it one of the worst cases of animal hoarding they had ever seen.

“The entire floor was filled with dogs and all the floor space you could see was covered with faeces,” Kunihisa Sagami, head of Dobutsukikin, told Reuters.


The dogs were emaciated and with barely any space to move sat on shelves, tables and chairs.

The three residents of the apartment said they could not afford to spay and neuter the dogs, so they ended up with more and more as they bred.

Eventually, the noise and smell got severe enough for neighbors to complain.


Luckily, there is a happy ending for these dogs.

The owners surrendered them to Dobutsukikin, who will get them medical treatment and find them homes.

What a sad situation. We hope all these dogs get adopted soon — to nicer, more spacious homes than the one they’ve suffered in.

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