120 cats found living in small apartment: eviction leaves them all homeless

We’ve seen many situations where an owner gets evicted from their home and their pets are left homeless, but one shocking case has left over a 100 cats looking for a home and in need of help.

SPAMA Safor, an animal shelter in Valencia, Spain, recently came into the care of a man’s cats after he was evicted from his apartment.

The problem is the man was living with a whopping 120 cats, all kept in an apartment that was only a thousand square feet.

Hasta este momento hemos recogido 120 gatos de esta casa. Gatos que no han visto la luz del sol y no han recibido…

Gepostet von S.P.A.M.A Safor am Donnerstag, 17. September 2020

It appeared to be a situation that got out of hand: “Apparently the owner took in a pair of cats three years ago and they have been procreating ever since,” said shelter worker Salvadora Tormas, according to LADbible.

“It’s a disaster. Someone should have helped this guy.”

A Facebook post by the shelter says that the cats were apparently fed but otherwise “haven’t seen sunshine and haven’t received any veterinary care, or deworming since they were born.”

“They’re not bad, but they’re scared.”


Now these cats are finally getting the care they need… and are looking for good homes.

SPAMA Safor is currently looking for people to either adopt or foster these cats.

“All help is welcome,” they wrote. “It’s not cats fault – they need help from us.”

These poor cats—what a heartbreaking situation. If you’re in the area and can help, consider adopting and fostering! Share this story to spread the word!