Evicted woman abandons her two dogs in cages with the trash

It is always shocking how carelessly some people treat their pets. They are family members, not objects you can toss away when you don’t want them anymore.

In one shocking story, a woman disposed of her dogs in a truly heartless way. But luckily, the poor pups were given a second chance.

Allen Boartfield, a volunteer with Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue, got a call in 2018 about picking up two dogs in need of rescue.

He arrived to the Barstow, California home, and discovered a huge pile of garbage on the curb… including two dogs left in cages.


The dogs’ owner had been evicted from the property, and instead of taking them with her or surrendering them to a shelter, she left them all alone for the trash pickup with all her garbage.

It was a heartbreaking sight, and the dogs were clearly shaken by their abandonment.

“They were both extremely scared,” Allen told The Dodo. “Treasure got used to me fairly quickly, but Catch never did.”

The dogs were taken in, and given the names Catch and Treasure. The pair were very attached to one another, and Catch was very protective of his sister.


The two were transferred to a nearby pet hospital, where they both received much-needed help.

Catch had a bad cold that needed to be taken care of, while Treasure had severely matted fur.

“Catch and Treasure came to us with visibly shaken spirits and broken hearts,” Hedy Herold, rescue coordinator for the hospital, told The Dodo. “Treasure was so matted that she couldn’t move without pain and she was snapping at our technicians who wanted to help her.”


But soon the two dogs recovered, both physically and emotionally. They were healed up, spayed and neutered.

While it took some time for Catch to be ready for adoption because he was so shy, these two dogs were soon ready to find their next homes.

And according to a Facebook update from the rescue, both dogs were adopted!

It’s terrible what these dogs went through and how they were treated by their owner, but thankfully that’s all in the past now and they are back on their feet, ready for the future.

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