61 dogs and puppies rescued from 'horrific conditions' inside New Jersey home

61 dogs and puppies rescued from ‘horrific conditions’ inside New Jersey home, SPCA looking for foster homes

Officials were alerted to a horrific situation in Belford, New Jersey recently. When they arrived the local SPCA, police, and humane officials discovered a severely upsetting case of animal hoarding.

Sixty-one animals were removed from the home, and the Monmouth County SPCA is now asking for the public’s help.

According to the SPCA, they received a call to their animal cruelty line from the son of a woman who was hoarding animals.

When officials arrived they were greeted by barking dogs and a horrible smell. The homeowner agreed to let them inside, and that’s when they made the awful discovery.

Rescuers encountered several pregnant dogs, puppies that were only hours old, and dogs that were covered in so much feces and urine they could barely move.

“Our team spent hours inside the sweltering house, with ammonia so strong it burned their eyes, in full PPE until every single dog was out safely recovered and brought back to our shelter,” the SPCA said on Facebook.

After several hours of working in the sweltering heat, the rescuers had safely removed 61 dogs and puppies from the property.

Now, the SPCA is asking the public for help.

All of the dogs will need “extensive medical care,” including grooming services, foster homes, and eventually forever homes.

If you would like to donate to the SPCA to help the animals, you can do so on their Facebook page or on their website. Groomers and those who are able to offer foster services are also asked to contact them. The information can be found on their Facebook.

Those who can offer grooming services are asked to email [email protected], and those who can foster an animal at a home without small children are asked to contact [email protected].

According to reports, authorities are looking to file criminal charges against the homeowner. She was reportedly charged 11 years ago when more than 80 animals were removed from her home, but at that time she was only charged civilly.

If this is the second instance that the homeowner has had dozens of animals removed from her home then she needs to be charged criminally, and she needs help.

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