Woman builds homemade shelters to help stray cats get through the winter

Woman builds homemade shelters to help stray cats get through the winter

Winter is coming, and temperatures are starting to drop. While most people have warm homes to cozy up in during the cold winter months, the same can’t be said for stray animals, who are often left to struggle in the frigid weather.


Thankfully, there are some kind people willing to step up and give these strays some warmth. Like one woman, who has been hard at work making handmade shelters for local feral cats.

Candice Light, a stay-at-home mom and business owner, has a lot of stray cats in her Lubbock, Texas neighborhood. With the winter coming up, she decided to do something to help these cats survive the cold.

Her solution: homemade feral cat shelters!

Candice Light/Facebook

“I personally have a ton of stray cats in the neighborhood who need a warm place to sleep/eat, stay dry from the rain, snow and chilly wind,” Candice wrote on Facebook.

The shelters are made of simple materials that can be purchased at any store: a plastic tote, insulation, straw and a cat bed.

She has been offering them up to anyone who needs one for their own yards, asking only for the cost of the materials, which is about $30.

“I have had over 23 people private message me to make some. I’ve also had people offer to donate products [and] donate their time to help make them,” Candice told KLBK News.


Candice’s creative cat project began last year, when she made four shelters which were quickly embraced by the cold kitties. It turned out that the feral cats were grateful to have even the simplest shelter to cozy up in.

“I did have a cat have kittens in it, which was super sweet,” Candice said, explaining that one stray even gave birth to her kittens in one of her bins.

“If a cat is willing to give birth in one of these just to stay warm and out of the elements, more cats could benefit from it.”

What a great idea to help these stray cats make it through the winter. We hope more people do projects like this for their communities as temperatures drop.

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