Sweet video shows boy’s daily visit to “scary” one-eyed cat

This cat was often overlooked and misunderstood because of the way he looked—but as one video shows, some people are able to look past appearances and form a deep friendship.

Norma Maikovich is the owner of two cats, Ace and Ramsey, both of whom she adopted when they were stray kittens, and both of whom share one striking characteristic: they both have one eye.


Despite this, Norma says that Ace is full of life, acting as a guide for his brother Ramsey, who is also partially blind.

“[Ace] has such a big personality, he’s very adventurous,” Norma wrote on Instagram. “He likes to sit on the front porch and watch the neighbors.”

Even so, Ace can have a hard time making friends. “He can sometimes seem scary, especially to children,” Norma told The Dodo. “People are often hesitant to greet him.”

But when Norma set out a camera to keep an eye on Ace while he was outside, she found a very surprising interaction.

When looking at our cameras, we found that our kid neighbor visits almost every day,” Norma wrote on Instagram.


In the security video from July 8, a boy passes by the house on his bike, then pulls over at the sight of Ace.

For the next few minutes, the boy hangs out with Ace, rubbing and petting him, with the cat loving the attention.

“It filled our hearts with joy to see our little guy make friends,” Norma wrote. 


The boy frequently visits, always stopping to hang out with his friend—and Ace always rushes out to meet him.

“It melted our hearts, not just seeing how much Ace loves this boy, but how familiar they were to each other!” Norma told The Dodo. “Sitting by the front door, as soon as Ace sees his friend, he rushes out to greet him. It’s awesome, this bond they share.”

Watch the video here:

Norma is thrilled that Ace has made a close friend, and says the boy is welcome any time.

“A friend of Ace’s is a friend of ours,” she says. “Once we realized that they were fast friends, it made us really happy.”


Norma took a chance and saw through physical appearances when she adopted Ace, and she’s thrilled to see that other can do the same.

“It just shows that when given a life, a home and a family, animals with disabilities are worth it too,” she wrote on Instagram.


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