This tiny kitten was no bigger than a toothbrush: Now she’s all grown up in a loving home and looks like this

Who can resist a teeny fluffy kitten? There are social media pages dedicated to these glorious sites; a testament to just how much people can’t get enough of these cute furballs.

But when animal hero Hannah Shaw got a call from Petco she couldn’t believe the kitten that had been dumped.

It was so small it had been put in a tissue box, it was just days old and its eyes still shut; it was the smallest kitten Hannah had ever seen.

Thanks to Hannah’s loving care this kitten has grown into an equally adorable and very healthy cat with a new  forever family. See this cat’s very cute journey in the pictures below.


Hannah (@kittenxlady), a dedicated kitten rescuer and founder of  Kitten Lady  got the call from Petco because they couldn’t take care of such a small, needy, orphaned cat.

She was only too happy to help and called the sweet ball of fluff Hanky, or Hank for short, believing at first that the ginger kitten was a boy.

“She was about four days old and 1.7 pounds — a tiny peanut. She was very dehydrated and covered in fleas, which is dangerous, as kittens can’t afford to lose any blood when they’re this little,” Hannah told Love Meow.

Expert kitten carer Hannah nursed the little bundle and slowly she started to get stronger, even opening her eyes to reveal a beautiful blue pair.

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We get it, you’re adorable. #babygirlhank

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Hannah described her as probably the cutest kitten she had ever seen and showered her with love and affection. Hank felt safe and continued to blossom.

Unfortunately, small doesn’t last forever and this cute bundle quickly grew. ? 

Press play in the clip below and you’ll see Hank making biscuits before taking a cat nap ?

When Hannah first met Hank she thought she was a ginger boy until it was later confirmed Hank was actually a girl.

In the clip below be sure to turn up the volume to see what tiny kitten purrs sound like.

Hank also got very attached to another cat being fostered by Hannah called Kodi; the two became inseparable.

Thanks to the frequent updates on Hank and Kodi’s progress, and the cute pictures, one family soon became a fan and asked if they could adopt both cats.

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TBT- 1 year ago Hank was fighting for her life. Thank god for Hannah @kittenxlady noticing so quickly that things weren’t right with Hank & having her tested. Panleukopenia would be a death sentence in most kittens…I remember constantly checking Hannah’s Facebook page for updates on Hanks condition. I think around this time is when I told my friend, Cheryl, that I was going to apply to adopt Hank once she pulled through. I was head over heels for this girl ❤️ Thank you Hannah & Andrew for being the most awesome kitten rescuers & for allowing me to be Hank (& Kodi’s) mom! ? I love my girls so much! ? #hankandkodi #panleukopenia #panleuksurvivor #kittenlady #thedodo #catsofinstagram #ilovemycats #catsofworld #gingercat #gingerkitten @lovemeowsite @thedodo @cats_of_instagram #tinybutmighty #kittenladydontplaythat! #kickingpanleuksbutt

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Kodi and Hank like nothing better than hanging out together.

I can’t believe the transformation from such a tiny cat to this healthy beauty.

Here the two feline friends are enjoying their new forever home together and all grown up.

Hank and Kodiak @hank_and_kodi

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