Man saved scrawny kitten who was rejected by her mom – brought her up into gorgeous cat

Animals can get rejected by their mothers for different reasons; nature can be cruel. Often it’s because they’re too weak or they don’t look like their other babies and it makes them more vulnerable to predators.

But, whatever the reason is, it’s heartbreaking to see a baby animal pushed aside by the mom that should be protecting it.

This scrawny little calico kitten called Sansa was found purring for her mother’s love but her mama cat wasn’t interested in the runt of the litter and just concentrated on feeding her bigger kittens.



Little Sansa was just skin and bones when she was taken in by an animal hero who couldn’t believe how scrawny she was.

Her mama cat probably though she was too weak to survive and instead focused on the rest of her litter, which were much bigger than Sansa.

Animal lover Alan immediately took her in and began the process of helping her to get bigger and stronger.

The adorable kitten, who was smaller than his feet, just wanted to be loved.


Sansa responded well to Alan and frequently cuddled up to him, just wanting to be loved.

Alan took on the role of dad cat and started bottle feeding his tiny feline friend.


He soon found a friend in Sansa who followed her new parent everywhere she went.

Her favorite place turned out to be on his lap while he was at his computer, wrapped in a big, warm blanket.


Sansa was of course given the star treatment with lots of toys to play with and a warm bed to snuggle in.

It only took a few weeks of love and attention for this gorgeous feline to start growing — in body and personality.

Look at those long whiskers!


A few months later, Sansa got to meet a friend who is also a calico cat.

Understanding the importance of having a maternal (or paternal) figure she immediately took her under her wing and looked after her.


Look at Sansa’s transformation below!


Just shows what a bit of love and affection can accomplish. Please share this sweet story with all the cat lovers out there.