No one showed up for lonely shelter cat’s birthday party — now she’s looking for a family to love her

For most people birthdays are a time to celebrate surrounded by your friends and family—no one wants to spend their big day alone.

So it’s always heartbreaking when you try to throw a get-together for your birthday and no one shows up.

That was sadly the case for one shelter cat, who was left heartbroken when no one showed up for her party—but now her shelter is trying to get her the best gift of all: a family.

Monique, a domestic medium-hair cat, is a resident of Battersea, an animal shelter in London, where she is eagerly awaiting a forever home.

“Her beauty speaks for itself, but there is more to this unique girl than meets the eye,” Battersea wrote in the cat’s bio. “She has an adorable gentle nature and a lot of affection to give.”

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Posted by Battersea on Friday, January 31, 2020

Despite being a friendly, beautiful cat, Monique has been in the shelter for over 100 days with no family willing to take her home.

“It’s always a shame to see one of our cats be repeatedly overlooked, especially one so young and with so much to offer as a pet,” Chrissie Grindrod, Battersea’s Cattery Team Leader, told Metro.

A likely reason is that she has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV+) a disease that can’t be transmitted to humans but can be given to other cats. She needs a home with no other felines and a closed-off garden area.

With no luck finding a family, Battersea decided to drum up a little attention for the cat by throwing her a birthday party. Monique’s birthday happened to be February 14th.

But apparently the birthday party didn’t get the attention they’d hoped: no one showed up, and Monique spent her birthday alone.

It was a heartbreaking disappointment—but it only made the shelter more motivated to find this poor cat a home.

They are encouraging anyone interested in the cat to reach out, even if they are not familiar with FIV. They have offered to help adopters cat-proof their gardens and guide them along the way.

A little extra work will get you the eternal love of a warm and friendly cat.

“Monique is a gentle soul who thrives with human company, whether that be playing with her favorite toys together or curling up side by side on the sofa,” Chrissie said. “She also won’t ever say no to a chin rub or two.”

“Her birthday and Valentine’s Day may now have passed, but it’s not too late to give Monique her dream gift of a lovely new home.”

If you are interested in adopting Monique, you can contact Battersea, and visit Monique’s adoption page for more information!

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