Shelter's 'loneliest cat' doesn't want to spend another Christmas alone — let's find him a home

Shelter’s ‘loneliest cat’ doesn’t want to spend another Christmas alone — let’s find him a home

The Christmas season is fast approaching, a time when many families adopt new pets to bring home for the holidays.

We can only hope that this year, a cat named Toby will be among them. Dubbed “Britain’s loneliest cat,” this 11-year-old black-and-white feline has been waiting in a shelter far longer than any of his roommates.

He’s already spent one Christmas alone—but now the RSPCA is making another push to get this poor cat a family.

Toby, 11 years old. Looking for a quiet home

Posted by RSPCA-Canterbury and District Animal Centre on Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Toby was rescued about a year ago, found in a house of 46 cats. He and 14 other rescues were taken in to the RSPCA in Canterbury, England, on Christmas Eve last year.

But Toby didn’t adjust well to the sudden new surroundings, and struggled to find a home even as the rest of the bunch got adopted.

“Toby’s former housemates were rehomed quite quickly but poor Toby didn’t cope well with being in the cattery so hid away and wouldn’t come out to see people when they came to choose a cat,” Beth Hixson of the RSPCA told the Daily Mail.

And being an older cat, the odds seemed against Toby of ever finding a family.

But Toby was taken in to a foster home, where his personality finally shined through.

Despite his initial shyness he revealed to be a very loving and sociable cat.

“He loves to snuggle up on the bed at night and spend sunny days exploring the garden, he just needs to find a home where he can enjoy doing this for the rest of his days,” Hixson said.

But finding that home has proven to still be difficult: Toby has now spent over 330 days in shelter care even though the average wait time is just 28 days.

However, they hope that Toby’s time may finally come soon. Since he spent last Christmas being brought to a shelter, it would be fitting that he secures a new home during the holidays, giving this lonely cat the ultimate Christmas gift.

“We’d love to see him in a new home for Christmas,” Dixson said. “There must be someone out there looking for an older cat for some company.”

So this guy is totally unaware of how famous he has become today!! Toby here has sadly made the national news and radio…

Posted by RSPCA-Canterbury and District Animal Centre on Thursday, November 21, 2019

Hopefully Toby doesn’t spend another Christmas alone! We hope somebody takes in this old cat and gives him a loving home for the rest of his days.

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