Old dog receives Christmas gift: Watch his reaction when he sees what moves inside

Everyone knows you have to be good if you want Santa to bring you a Christmas present.

Which is a good thing for good dog Cash, who behaved perfectly all of last year!

Three years ago, he lost his sister when she passed away. But little did he know that this year he would receive a very special Christmas present – that added four more legs to the household.

Dog Cash seems to have worked his way up to the top of the “nice list” this year. He is a truly loving and loyal dog.

Sadly, Cash’s sister Rosie died suddenly three years ago, and since then Cash has been alone in the house with his two owners. And it seems that Santa had an eye on the situation this year…


Just in time for Christmas, Cash received an extra special present. He suspected that something was about to happen, and as his owner made his way up to the house, Cash stood patiently by the door and waited.

When his owner came into the house with a small package, Cash could barely keep himself from lifting the lid. And once he saw what was in the package, he was the happiest dog in the world.


Happiest dog in the world

Cash lifted the lid and there sat a tiny puppy; Cash’s new best friend and family member.

And the lovely Golden Retriever’s reaction is one of the sweetest I’ve ever seen!


Cash could hardly believe it was true. He was sniffing the little puppy, who was trying to get a feel of his new surroundings.


He was jumping around and could barely contain his excitement. Cash finally had a new best friend, and he would teach him everything he knew.

See Cash’s wonderful reaction in the clip below:

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