Therapy dog looks sad and lonely when no one shows up to read to him, so kids reach out to cheer him up

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than when a dog looks sad. Few people can resist cheering up a dog who needs a little love and attention.

So it’s not surprising that when one lonely dog went viral online, people around the country reached out to be his friend.

White Bear Lake Library, in Minnesota, is home to a program called “Paws to Read.” Kids from 5 to 8 years old come and read books to therapy dogs, a nice idea that both encourages kids to practice their reading skills and gives some company to the dogs.

A man named John Muellner signed up his dog, a retired greyhound racer named Sting, to participate in the program.

On February 7, 2018, Sting waited at the library for kids to come read to him… but sadly, no one showed up.

Laying on the library floor by himself, it was hard not to feel bad for Sting. John took some photos of the dejected dog, hoping to encourage people to sign up for his next appearance on February 21.

“Unfortunately nobody signed up to read to Sting at the White Bear Lake library tonight,” John wrote. “If you know of a 4 to 8yr old who would like to read to a dog… please contact the White Bear Lake Library.”

But the post did more than just encourage a few kids to show up at the library. It went viral with over 100,000 shares on Facebook.

People all over couldn’t bear to see Sting look so heartbroken, and rallied to his support.

The library was shocked by the sudden outreach—calls started coming in from across the country.  “I was on my way to work Friday morning and another librarian was like, ‘Oh my gosh, have you seen this?'” librarian Ann Wahlstrom told KARE 11.

Suddenly, Sting’s gigs at Paws to Read were packed. Kids brought homemade gifts, and companies sent over treats.

“Sting is booked through April,” Ann said. “We even added a couple nights.”

People from around the country even called in to read to the dog over the phone.

Many people wanted to know that Sting was okay… and John assured them that his dog was okay all along.

“People who don’t know Sting don’t know that that’s his normal look,” he told KARE. “He isn’t sad or lonely but that’s just the look he normally has.”

But who’s to say that Sting wasn’t moved by all the love he received? And just as importantly, it helped spread the word about the beneficial program, getting more kids involved with reading.

And while Sting is the star, the library encouraged people to sign up to read to their other therapy dogs, who will love it just as much.

“We’re just so touched that people are taking time out of their schedule and loving Sting and giving us a call and checking in,” Ann Wahlstrom said. “We’re just overwhelmed with love.”

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