Mother-in-law crochets a couch by hand so cat has a place to nap

Everyone wants the best for their beloved pets — many people spoil their cats and dogs with things like nice beds.

But some people really go the extra mile, using their creative skills to make one-of-a-kind gifts for their pets.

Like one crafty mother-in-law, who built from scratch a custom piece of furniture for one lucky cat.

A man named Josh is the proud owner of a cat named Cat, who has a very peculiar sleeping style:

“I work from home, so she mostly sleeps on my feet all day,” Josh told The Dodo.

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While everyone likes having some bonding time with their cat, it’s hard to have a feline on your feet all day, so Josh needed an alternative place for Cat to nap.

Luckily, his mother-in-law had him covered. For Josh’s birthday, she decided to surprise him with a gift that was actually for Cat:

Her very own couch!

Reddit: u/chewmynails

She crocheted the whole thing by hand, and did a pretty amazing job—the finished product looks just like a regular human couch (complete with an Afghan draped over the top) shrunk down to perfect cat size.

Josh posted the photo of Cat resting on her new couch to Reddit, where it went viral. Many praised the mother-in-law for her impressive skills.

Josh said on the site that his mother-in-law is “super-humanly good at this kind of thing” and spent two hole days on the project.

And he says that Cat loved her new homemade present… eventually.

“She was very uninterested at first. The box it came in was a big hit though,” he told The Dodo. “But she started to come around.”

“She’ll find the nearest available lap, but if the person is too fidgety she’ll get up and find a good pillow. The last couple days instead of a pillow she’ll hop on her couch.”

It’s a one-of-a-kind gift for a one-of-a-kind pet: “She is goofy and erratic, one of the weirdest cats I’ve ever had or been around,” Josh said.

What a lucky cat! It’s amazing the creative things people can make for their pets. Thanks to this mother-in-law for making this thoughtful gift!

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