Couple builds custom 13-foot bed so they can sleep with all their dogs

Our dogs are loyal and love being by our side at all times—even at bed time. No matter how much you spend on a special dog bed at the pet store, dogs still just love getting in bed with us.

Sure, some people put their foot down and set some boundaries, insisting that everyone just sleep in their own bed… but others just embrace the snuggles. After all, who makes for a better bed buddy than your dog?


But one couple took things to the extreme: when there wasn’t much room for their dogs in their bed, they made room… literally.

Steve & Jennifer Taylor, a couple from Alabama, love their dogs—and they have a house full of them. They have seven of their own dogs—five long haired dachshunds and two French Bulldogs—and also foster dogs.

For them, the dogs are more than pets—they’re family: “We’ve been married for almost 24 years and never had children – our dogs are quite literally our babies,” Jennifer told StoryTrender.

Like so many people with a close bond with their dogs, they let the pets share a bed. Of course, the problem is that they had so many. Not even a California King mattress could fit two adults and their 7+ dogs without a few people getting kicked in their sleep.

“It was way too many dogs to have in a normal sized bed with you at once!” Jennifer said.

So what did they do? They build their own bed… a gigantic 13-foot bed with plenty of room for all the pups.


For the DIY project, the couple purchased wood online for $300, bought two mattresses for $600, and hoped their amateur construction skills would pay off.

 “We kind of winged the whole thing really,” Jennifer said. “We started off with the two mattresses then built the headboard around them and painted them to make them look nice.”

They also added some steps (for the dogs with short legs) and of course decorated the whole thing with pawprints and dog-themed bedding.


It was all worth it in the end: the gigantic bed is now a place where all dogs can feel welcome and get a good night’s sleep.

“We wanted to make the foster dogs feel at home – as well as our owns pups of course – so built the bed so they could be super comfy and cosy with us,” Jennifer told StoryTrender.

It shows the lengths people will go to keep their dogs happy! Know someone who could use a bed like this? Share this story!