Couple heads to airport for their vacation — then security finds their pet cat hiding in a suitcase

Everyone loves to go away on vacation. There’s nothing like hopping on a plane and getting away for a while.

The downside for pet owners is that it’s usually hard to take your cats and dogs with you on your exotic getaway. As much as you might miss them, sometimes it’s best to leave them at home with a babysitter.

But one cat apparently couldn’t bear to be away from his owners—or perhaps just needed a vacation himself—and hatched an unexpected plot to crash his masters’ travel plans.

A couple named Nick and Voirrey Coole, from Isle of Man, recently took a trip to New York for a 40th birthday celebration. They packed their cases, leaving enough room for the shopping they would do abroad.

They headed to the airport on October 16 for their flight… but as they went through security, they were suddenly stopped and ushered into a side room by guards.

It’s every traveller’s nightmare… but imagine their surprise when they heard the reason: their suitcase had a cat inside!

It was one of their three pet cats, named Candy, a sneaky cat who likes to hide in boxes. Unbeknownst to them, he had become a secret stowaway in their hand luggage.

“Candy … found a way in and off to the airport we all went,” Nick told Manchester Evening News.

“Airport security were all very puzzled and repeatedly asked if the bag was ours after it had been through the scanner.”

Luckily, the airport security was understanding and had a good sense of humor about the situation.

They even helped the couple arrange for the cat to be picked up at the airport so they could still make their flight.

It was a very unusual start to a vacation, but it seems like everything worked out in the end and everyone got a good laugh out of the situation.

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