Cute kitten goes viral for sleeping straight on his back like a human

Many cats have become internet celebrities over the years… but this kitten did it in his sleep.

We’ve all seen cats settle in for a nap (sometimes in our laps, sometimes on our laptops). Cats are so flexible they can sleep in any position, like snuggling up into a cozy ball of fluff.

Which makes it so funny that a kitten named Chata has always insisted on sleeping in a weirdly human way: straight on his back.

It’s such an unusual sight, almost like he’s just pretending to be asleep.

Chata, a calico kitten born in April, has won hearts all over the internet thanks to his what owner called a “unique posture,” racking up over 99,000 followers on Instagram.

To be clear, this wasn’t a one-time thing he did: there are countless photos of Chata rigidly sound asleep.

There’s even a video of Chata in action:

Chata shares his home and Instagram page with his older sister Chava. While Chava sleeps like a normal kitty…

…she’s still plenty adorable in her own right:

And it’s clear that both cats know how to chill like a human:

What a funny kitten! Never change, Chata. We hope you have the sweetest dreams.

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