Creative man turns old tires into beautiful custom beds for pets

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, they say. That old expression often proves true: some people have a knack for taking a seemingly worthless piece of garbage and making something truly incredible out of it.

That is certainly the case for one man, who turned people’s old tires into beautiful custom dog beds.

A few years ago Amarildo Silva, from Brazil, got an idea to make some cash and maybe help the environment in the process: making crafty products out of thrown-away rubber tires.

He had plenty of material to work with: he collected tires from dumps and landfills and from the side of the road.

Maybe these old tires couldn’t support a car any longer, but with a little creativity they could be recycled as something cool.

While collecting materials, Amarildo noticed how local dogs would lay in the roadside tires, and got the perfect idea:

Turning the tires into dog beds!

A little creative craftsmanship turned these tires into the most amazing custom dog beds.

Each one is painted, furnished with bedding, and even personalized with the pet’s name.

They’re not exclusively for dogs, of course, they can be for cats too:

And they don’t have to be beds…

…they can also be ball pens!

And while Amarildo can make other crafts from the tires, like plant holders:

The pet beds are his signature item, and it looks like business is booming.

Amarildo continues to sell the beds through his business Cãominhas Pets.

It’s an inspiring story all around: not only did Amarildo find a way to make a nice living being creative and doing what he loves, he helped the environment by recycling these old tires, and brought some joy to these pets and their owners.

It’s clear that all his customers are really loving their beds:

We definitely want a cozy bed like this for our pets! What a great idea! Share this cool story!