Mom accidentally ordered an extra-small doggie bed, but her big dog loves it anyway

Have you ever gotten a gift that wasn’t really right for you, but you use it anyway so the giver doesn’t feel bad?

It turns out, dogs do the same thing… like this good boy, who knows that it’s the thought that counts.

We all want our pets to be comfortable, and we’ve all gone through the process of trying to find just the right bed for our dog (even if they end up sleeping in their food bowl anyway.)

But when Heather Stoddard ordered a bed for her dog Kenny, she accidentally ordered an extra small bed… and unfortunately, she had a very big dog:


Heather wanted to buy Kenny a new bed because he had been sharing one with her other dog.

While it was clearly a wrong purchase, something amazing happened: the dog used it anyway, as if happy his owners got him anything at all instead of complaining about the size.

In some adorable photos, the big dog is seen resting his head on the “bed,” which is more like a pillow to him:


The story went viral when Heather’s daughter Paeton posted the photos on Twitter, introducing the world to her “grateful” dog.

But she says there’s no need to worry about his tiny sleeping arrangement:

“We don’t expect him to sleep on it,” Paeton told Buzzfeed News. “However, he enjoys it throughout the day.”

“And because everyone was worried, yes, we have another bed he sleeps on.”

In fact, because the story went viral, several bed makers reached out and asked if they could treat Kenny to a bed more his size. They settled on a bed from Big Barker Dog Beds, and now this dog can sleep in luxury:

It goes to show good things come to good dogs! We’re glad this polite pet can sleep easy now.

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