Massive cat weighing over 40 pounds gets adopted from shelter

Plus-sized cats have a special place in the internet’s heart, where they are often called “chonkers.” While these fat cats may be “more to love,” they also come with the responsibility of taking care of their health.

Recently, one massive, 40-pound shelter cat named Patches searched for a new owner who would help him get back into shape — and thankfully, he has now been adopted.

On April 19, Richmond Animal Care and Control shared a photo of Patches, who they described as “the largest cat anyone has ever seen.”

Patches is a few pounds short of the all-time record: according to Guinness World Records, the fattest cat in history was Himmy who weighed over 46 pounds. But Patches, weighing in at 40.3 pounds, is certainly one of the heftiest cats around.

While there is something adorable about “chonky” cats — the shelter wrote that they “love that belly” and “marvel at his gloriously gluttonous body” — Patches is clearly at an unhealthy weight that could be taking a toll on his wellbeing.

The shelter wrote that Patches is on a “very special diet” and exercise plan to help him lose weight. They also needed to find a home for the shelter cat, one that would help him “get to a safe and healthy weight.”

Thankfully, in an update, animal control announced that Patches had been adopted! They shared a photo of Patches in the arms of his new owner:

Patches is adorable, but we hope he is able to get to a health body weight! Hopefully he will continue to get in shape in his loving new home!

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