Overweight cat sent to ‘fat camp’ after obsession with food caused her to gain excessive amount of weight

After a procedure Laila started gaining a lot of weight.

The Gainesville, Florida gal, “has always been obsessed with food,” but after her weight prevented her doing something as simple as jumping, her family said enough is enough.

Fat Laila, as she became known, enrolled in fat camp at the University of Florida.

Did I mention Laila is an adorable black cat who shares my same disdain for working out?

Laila’s owners, Lee and Sidney Ferinden, told Fox 35 that when they found Laila she was “starving to death.”

Facebook/Fat Laila

But after they moved to Gainesville and Laila was spayed, something changed.

“Laila was a normal-sized kitten until after we moved here to Gainesville and she was spayed,” Lee said, according to Unilad. “She started gaining weight rapidly and stopped jumping on things.”

Lee and Sidney spent a year bringing their cat to vets trying to figure out why Laila continued to gain at least a pound a month.

But no one was able to give them an answer.

Facebook/Fat Laila

At one point Laila weighed 23 pounds.

Facebook/Fat Laila

Finally, they decided their only option was to enroll her in a “fat camp.”

Once a week Laila attends camp at the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine. There are some days were she absolutely kills her workout, and then there’s other days when working out is the last thing on her mind.

Despite her ups and downs – hey progress isn’t linear! – she’s managed to lose two pounds since starting her weight loss journey at the University of Florida.

Since Laila’s water aerobics classes are expensive, $500 for the first five sessions, her family has set up a GoFundMe to help pay the bill.

Aww! Look at Laila go! She’s just trying her best.

Let’s wish her luck on her weight loss journey. I know she can do it!

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