Chonky cat is so big that everyone assumes he’s pregnant, so his owner puts up a sign

We love cats of all shapes and sizes. Some felines pack on a few more pounds than others, but that just means there’s “more to love.”

These plus-sized kitties are lovingly known online as “chonky cats,” and while the internet loves them apparently not everyone in the world understands the concept.

That’s what one owner of a chubby cat found out, when so many people thought her male cat was pregnant that she had to put up a sign clarifying the situation.

Veterinarian Marcia Riedel is the owner of a cat named “Fat Fred.” He got that name, naturally, because he weighed a hefty 29 pounds.

Being overweight hasn’t hurt Fred’s confidence, however. Far from being self-conscious he basks in human attention, preferring to hang around his owner’s animal clinic as a “greeter.”

Facebook/Furry Friends Animal Hospital

“I found that he prefers to roam around … rather than live at my house with its lack of constant exposure to admirers,” Marcia told The Dodo. “Fat Fred believes that humans are meant to serve him food at all times.”

Fred, it turns out, gets a lot of attention… because people tend to assume this male cat is expecting.

“Ninety percent of the folks seeing him believe he is pregnant,” Marcia said.

Fred apparently lets them believe this because sympathetic passerby will give him even more food, forcing Marcia to put up this hilarious sign setting the record straight:


“Yes, he is on a diet,” the sign reads. “No, it is not working well.”

Although it is working a little bit: Marcia told The Dodo that he’s down to 25 pounds.

He’s still hefty enough to live up to his name, but otherwise he’s happy and healthy.

“He is actually very spry and can hear a morsel drop from one end of the clinic and arrive with amazing speed,” Marcia said.

Facebook/Furry Friends Animal Hospital

Sometimes as a cat owner you just have to set the record straight! Glad the world now knows all about Fat Fred.

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