30-pound tabby shelter cat ‘the size of a barge’ gets adopted

Sometimes pets put on some extra weight, but that just means they’re “more to love.” It can sometimes be difficult for plus-size shelter pets to get adopted, but one hefty cat has now found a loving home.

Jacksonville Humane Society had quite a heavy task after receiving a 30-pound tabby cat named Seven, whom they described as being “roughly the size of a barge.”

The shelter wrote that this “beefy cookie” was “30 lbs of love,” and was looking for a new home.

The May 27th Facebook post about Seven went viral, with many people falling in love with the big fella.

“I think I found my spirit animal,” one commenter wrote.

“Won’t need to go to the gym with that guy,” another joked. “Just carry him around for a bit and get your workout.”

To put in context just what an extra-large handful Seven is, one of the shelter workers compared the cat to her 15-pound baby — as in, this cat weighs two times as much as a growing baby.

“One weighs double the other,” the humane society wrote in a tweet. “Take a guess.”

While everyone loves a “chonky cat,” pet obesity is no joke: overweight cats are at risk for health issues like arthritis, heart disease and diabetes. Seven needed a home that would help him on a weight loss journey.

“He’s looking for a new home to help him slim down with help from a veterinarian,” the humane society wrote.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for Seven to find a home to love him and help him get back in shape.

Hours after sharing the post, the shelter shared the great news that Seven had been adopted into a forever home.

But while Seven is out of the shelter, he still has some plus-sized cohorts in need of homes. The Jacksonville Humane Society showcased another tubby tabby named Frankie.

“Seven was adopted but Frankie is weighting to meet you,” the humane society wrote. “He’s a beef cake pop.”

We’re so glad that Seven has a new home! While we love a plus-sized cat, we know his new family will help him lose some pounds for his health.

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