Cat owner films her pet home alone and discovers how sad she is while she’s away

With so many people spending more time at home our pets don’t know what to do with themselves with all this attention.

Of course, dogs being the loving and loyal pets that they are have responded with nothing but enthusiasm at all the extra attention.

But it seems cats are also enjoying more time with their human friends.

One cat got so used to her owner being at home that when it was time to return to the office she took her new-found alone time very badly.

Ida Myrin

Ida Myrin has had 3-year-old ragdoll cat Isola since she was 12 weeks old. He has a very playful and loving personality and can be lazy, like all cats, according to Ida.

“He is kinda spoiled and lazy, but also loving. He always demands our attention and yells every time he doesn’t get it. He’s always moving so that he can see us both, he loves a good cuddle, ” Ida told Bored Panda.

Ida decided to record her cat while she was at work to see what he got up to and the footage was heartbreaking.

Isola can be seeing wandering around his home in Sweden looking for his owners and then grabbing a leash. When he can’t find them he then starts meowing the saddest meow I’ve ever heard.

Ida Myrin

“He has always been very attached to us, but lately, he’s gotten more used to always having somebody around. He can’t stand us working and focusing on other things than him at the moment,” explains Ida.

She posted the video on Twitter admitting that she found it funny when she first watched it and then found it heartbreaking.

The commenters agreed it was heartbreaking and even suggested Ida get another cat, to which she explained she does have another one but on that particular day he was at the vet.

When she returned from work on the evening Isola was not happy.

“He didn’t even come to say hi (like he usually ALWAYS does), but went straight to the other cat to smell him.”

Thankfully this sweet loving cat cheered up after Ida came home with his cat brother and she shared a picture of them cuddling together.

“They usually get along, but the other cat is an 8-year-old man with integrity so he doesn’t always appreciate Isola’s company. But they groom each other and sleep together from time to time.”

Ida Myrin

I love this cat but don’t think I could ever leave the house again after seeing this footage.

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