When her owner is away, dog copes with loneliness by cuddling with an item of her clothing for comfort

It’s always a bit sad being away from your pets. Not just because you miss them, but because you know they miss you even more.

Even some normal routine thing like going to work can cause your pets to wonder if you’ll ever return.


One dog owner realized how much her pet missed her after discovering some camera footage that showed how she still longed to be close to her while she was away.

Raven Atchinson is the owner of a three-year-old German Shepherd named Kalina, who is quite attached to her owner.

“Kalina tends to suffer from separation anxiety,” she told ViralHog. “It used to be much worse, we’ve made leaps and bounds of progress.”

Still, she worries about her dog while she’s away for work, so she set up some security cameras to check on Kalina when she’s home alone.

“I can check in on her and make sure she’s OK,” Raven told The Dodo. “And to see if there are any stressors in her environment when I’m not there.”

But after checking the camera footage, she discovered her dog’s incredibly sweet way of coping: Kalina grabbed a piece of her clothing from her room and held it, seemingly being comforted just by her owner’s scent.


The sweet sight showed Raven just how much her dog loves her and misses her while she’s away.

“My heart absolutely melted!” Raven said. “I’m incredibly touched that my scent alone is such a comfort to her.”

“To have been able to watch her snuggle up with my clothing, and then actually lay down calmly and peacefully with it, made my entire day.”

She also realized that this must be a habit for her dog: she says she’s noticed items of clothing mysteriously showing up in unexpected spots.

It’s always moving to be reminded how much our dogs love us and miss us while we’re away. It’s touching to see this dog has such a sweet way of coping with her loneliness.

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