Cat left at rest stop with broken legs, punctured eye now in safe hands and on the road to recovery

Sometimes animals are found in shocking condition, and it takes some kind people to give them the love and care they need for a second chance.

That was the case recently for one poor cat, who was found in a state of heartbreaking disrepair after being left at a rest stop. But now, she’s on the road to recovery.

According to the New Haven Register, police in New Canaan, Connecticut found the cat abandoned in a carrier at a rest stop off Interstate 95 on January 24.

Not only was the cat — now named “Highway” — apparently abandoned, but his poor condition indicated a past full of cruelty: he had “severe and disjointed” breaks in his front legs, and trauma to his right eye that was likely intentional.

“In addition to his broken legs, Highway suffers from a painful, ruptured eye,” Ellen Simmonds, executive director of the Norwalk animal shelter PAWS, who is now taking care of Highway, said in a statement. “Our vet suspects that the eye was punctured with a sharp object.”

The veterinary team says that Highway will have to undergo several surgeries for his injuries. He will have to have metal plates inserted into his broken legs, and his punctured eye will have to be removed.

But he’s in good hands now, and despite his traumatic past, Highway is taking it all in stride. It is hoped that once he is fully healed, he will be able to find a forever home.

And according to broadcast journalist Suzanne Goldklang, the eye surgery will “make him more comfortable and won’t hurt his chances of being adopted.”

“Despite his extensive injuries, Highway maintains his sweet temperament and disposition,” Simmonds said, according to the Register. “He is a very sweet cat who will definitely find a forever home.”

“Highway has a very different and rewarding life ahead of him, thanks to the quick thinking and action of the State Police and New Canaan Animal Control.”

Anyone interested in contributing to Highway’s surgeries and road to recovery can contact PAWS at 203-750-9572.

An investigation into Highway’s abandonment is also ongoing, and anyone with information can contact New Canaan Police at 203-594-3500.

This poor cat has gone through so much, but it looks like the worst is behind him now. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope he finds a loving forever home soon — he definitely deserves one!

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