Vet gets up in middle of the night to comfort baby wombat who's lost her mother

Vet gets up in middle of the night to comfort baby wombat who’s lost her mother

A little wombat baby lost her mother in a traffic collision in Australia.

Without her mother, the little baby was sentenced to die on her own in the wilderness.

But luckily, she was saved before it was too late — by veterinarian Howard Ralph.

This wombat baby is not the only one that has Howard to thank for her life — he has saved a lot of wildlife.

Dr. Howard Ralph runs Southern Cross Wildlife Care and takes care of wild animals that have been injured or orphaned.

The little baby wombat Rosie was found in her mother’s pouch several days after her mother had died in a traffic collision. Rosie was sick, weak and needed immediate help. Howard took her to his animal hospital.

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On call

When an animal arrives which is in need of his care, it makes no difference what time it is, it can even be in the middle of the night — Howard will show up regardless.

He sat down, held Rosie in his arms and gave her the warmth and love her mother could no longer give her.

Rosie is not the only one that Howard takes care of. Over the years, he has helped many animals from the Australian wilderness, everything from owls to kangaroos.

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“We often are involved in late night care of patients,” Dr. Ralph told The Dodo. “The need is enormous.”

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Already as a child, Howard was fascinated by wildlife, and knew early on that he wanted to be a veterinarian. The doctor is starting to get older but the love for animals is still as strong.

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He does his best to help wild animals but wants everyone to do a better job in helping to protect nature. Pollution and littering is taking an enormous toll on wildlife.

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Cares about the planet

He suggests, among other things, that schools should begin to teach more about how we can take care of nature and wildlife.

“People can help by encouraging a more positive attitude to wildlife,” Dr. Ralph told The Dodo.

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Baby wombat Roise is already on the road to recovery, thanks to Howard. She is now one of many wild animals who is still alive thanks to him.

What an incredibly kind and thoughtful man Howard is! If everyone was as good-hearted as he is, I think the world would be a better place.

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