Two ‘hissing’ and ‘snarling’ raccoon dogs are on the loose in an English village

We’ve all seen a raccoon before, and we’ve all seen a dog before, but how many of us have seen a raccoon dog?

Did you even know such an animal existed?

Well, a pair of raccoon dogs are currently roaming around Nottinghamshire, England and giving residents quite a scare.

In a statement Nottinghamshire police warned residents to be vigilant after two raccoon dogs escaped their enclosure and attacked other pets in the village.

Dale and Mandy Marsh encountered the critters when their pet goat and pony were attacked.

“It was actually terrifying,” Mandy told The Independent. “We were laid in bed at about 4am and I heard such a terrifying noise like I had never heard before. It was screaming.”

Initially the couple had no clue what was attacking their animals.

(Nottinghamshire Police)

“The pony was standing in the way trying to protect the goat,” she said. “The raccoon dog was trying to kill it. It was absolutely crazy. It was hissing and screaming and snarling. It was going absolutely mad.”

It took Mandy and her husband nearly two hours to get rid of the animal. Although moments later it cornered a woman walking down the sidewalk with her dog.

Police warned residents to be on the lookout.

Sam Tune, who is focused on finding the pair of raccoon dogs, told the BBC that their escape was his fault and that it was important that public “don’t think these animals are especially dangerous.”

Have you ever heard of a raccoon dog before?

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