Officers, bystander save moose calf from “certain demise” after falling into lake

A baby moose fell into a lake and got trapped in a tight spot — but thankfully some kind rescuers stepped in to save the day.

Early Friday morning, Spencer Warren arrived for work at Destination Alaska Adventure Co in Homer, Alaska, when he heard an animal in distress.

He investigated and discovered a young moose calf in Beluga Lake. The calf was stuck in a space between the floats of a floatplane and the dock, and was struggling to get back on land but kept slipping on the metal plane.

“It’s like an ice rink for the moose and its hooves,” Spencer told AP. “So he just kept slipping and slipping and could not get up.”


The tour company contacted the local police, and they put into action a plan to save the young moose. However, there was another complication: the calf’s mother was standing nearby, and mother moose are extremely protective of their young, and can seriously injure or even kill humans if they see them as a threat.

But Spencer says that an officer from the Homer Police Department distracted the mama moose, allowing them to save her baby. According to AP, an officer positioned their police cruiser between the mother and baby.

They pulled the calf out of the water and helped him get back on his feet. Once safely on dry land, the calf ran and reunited with mom.


“You know, kind of thankfully, he wasn’t moving so that it made the rescue a little bit easier,” Spencer told AP. “We just lifted him straight out and, put him on the dock there.”

Spencer and the Homer Police Department shared the rescue video on Facebook.

“Sometimes you really get to do something important in life,” the department wrote. “Our hats are off to Officers Morgan Tracy and Charles Lee who helped rescue a moose calf from sure demise early this morning.”

What a rescue! Thank you to everyone who helped save this moose!

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