Mother deer comes running to help when she hears a baby crying

A mother’s instinct is a powerful thing, and it’s also one of the traits we have in common with animals. We’ve seen stories of human mothers sharing a special bond with mother animals.

Like in one recent viral video, which shows a sweet moment in which a mother deer comes to check on a crying baby.

The video was filmed by Hanna Burton of New Lexington, Ohio, who was out on the deck in her backyard with her infant son, Charlie.

Charlie started crying, as infants often do, and mom tried to comfort him.


But suddenly, Hanna noticed Charlie’s crying had gotten someone’s attention: a deer!

The deer in her backyard started galloping towards them, as if coming to help the infant, alarmed by his cries. She stands on guard, alert and assessing the situation.


Hanna realizes the deer is following her maternal instincts, and tries to assure the deer everything is under control: “This one’s my baby,” she tells the deer. “Hi, mama!”

“She thinks you’re her baby,” she tells Charlie.

The video has now gone viral with over over 27 million views on TikTok. People everywhere were moved by this sweet moment between two mothers, and the sight of a very caring mother deer.


When you almost have to throw down with a momma deer because your baby starts crying outside

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While most people found the moment adorable, Hanna says that some people “mom shamed” her about the video, saying she shouldn’t have had her infant son out on a deck.

She responded by pointing out that the deck was heavily padded with blankets and that he enjoys his time outdoors. “He was crying because he was on his belly and couldn’t roll over,” she explains in a follow-up video, showing Charlie happily sleeping on the deck (no deer show up this time.)

It’s always sweet to see a moment like this between two mothers — while they might be of different species, they still instinctively share a bond.

It’s similar to a video that went viral in May, in which a mother gorilla looked with awe at the baby of a new mother visiting the zoo — and then proudly showed off her own newborn.

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