Monkey kidnaps puppy from the street and runs away, but nobody could foresee the reason why

When a puppy was abandoned on the streets of Rode, India, he needed immediate help if he was going to survive.

The dangerous city streets are no place for a small puppy – everybody knows that!

But there wasn’t a single person who would help the poor puppy.

It was someone completely unexpected that jumped in to save the day.

When this wild monkey saw the lone puppy, his fatherly instincts took over. He sprinted towards the puppy and scooped him up in his arms. Then he disappeared.

But the locals would soon make an incredible discovery: It turns out that the monkey had been taking care of the puppy, giving him food, shelter and everything else he needed to survive, including protection against any other creature that tried to harm him.

The monkey hugged the puppy and carried him around in his arms as though it was his own baby, with the same flesh and blood.

Maybe the monkey was seperated from his own children and felt a strong urge to nurture the abandoned pup?


The somewhat unusual pair became well known in Rode. People loved seeing the heartwarming duo walking around together. Many people gave the dog and monkey food to make sure that they wouldn’t go hungry.

When they were given food, the monkey always let the puppy eat first, just like any parent should. Once the puppy was full, the monkey would eat up the rest.


Isn’t it wonderful proof that animals are capable of having traits such as selfless generosity and kindness (which isn’t the case for all humans!)?

The monkey also grooms the puppy and cleans lice and ticks from his fur. The puppy is in much better shape than he would have been without his protector, reports The Dodo.

The puppy clearly knows that his rescuer is a true guardian angel, because when the monkey puts him down, he never tries to run away.

He stays by his adoptive father’s side, always. The monkey makes sure the puppy can sleep in peace, keeping him safe from other animals.


Monkeys are just like humans in several ways – their family bonds are just as strong as humans’. So it isn’t a surprise that it was a monkey who stepped up to be dad to this abandoned pup.

Normally these two animals would most likely try to avoid each other, but the loving bond between them is clear for everyone to see!

Some people may suspect that there will be some problems when the dog grows up and becomes bigger in the future … But I’m sure the monkey will still try to carry him around and take care of his friend!


How lucky that this puppy found such a caring and attentive guardian! Are you as amazed by this duo as we are? We could all learn a lesson from the kindess that this monkey showed!

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