Two men stop to admire moose in the woods – then end up in a risky rescue operation

It is not every day you see a moose at the side of the road. They are solitary animals so if you are lucky to spot one they will be alone, unless of course they have young.

The guys in the video below happen upon a moose at the side of the road. The moose was agitated and on closer inspection they saw that she was protecting something next to the fence.

That’s when the men heard a scream.


As they got closer one of them spotted something tangled in the fence and saw it was a calf.

The moose refused to move and it was then that they attempted something very brave.

Moose are generally slow moving but can become aggressive and move quickly if they feel threatened.

With this in mind one of the men tried to startle the mother moose so she would move away from the calf.

The stressed mother looks terrified and went into protective mom mode as she saw one of the men get closer.

Untangled the baby

Thankfully one of the men stayed back to record this extraordinary rescue.

The mother first rushed toward the man, as if she wanted to scare him off. But when he got closer, she retreated. She was scared, but clearly didn’t want to leave her calf so stayed close by.

When he reached the trapped calf he began to untangle the fence trapping the baby. While doing do he also had to make sure the mom moose didn’t attack him.

After a few short minutes the calf was finally free.

Watch this rescue in the video below. It could have got scary for the animal hero but he stuck with his mission.

This is one lucky moose! The right person turned up at the right time and saved her sweet calf.

Moose can be aggressive – especially when they have their young. This man was very brave to help.

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