Grandma has a squad of geese bodyguards who protect her wherever she goes

One of the great things about having pets is they’ll look out for you—a loyal dog’s protective instincts will kick in and protect you from danger.

But for one grandma, it isn’t a guard dog who has her back. No, she has a whole squad of bodyguards who protect her wherever she goes.

And they just happen to be geese:


The story was featured on the Korean series SBS TV Animal Farm. This elderly woman has a squad of geese who loyally follow her wherever she goes.

When she stops, they stops. When she runs, the geese will flutter their wings to keep up.


And yes, these geese take their job seriously: they will step up to action to protect their queen.

Anyone who’s gotten a little too close to a goose in the park knows how territorial they can be, and anyone who gets too close to the old woman is going to get chased off by their beaks.

(Even if they’re just harmless passerby: the geese are seen chasing off a photographer and a woman walking her dog.)

“They’re more protective when there are strangers around,” the woman says. “It’s quite perplexing.”


The geese have clearly chosen someone worthy of their protection: this grandma has gone through a lot in life and is just looking to take things easy.

“Three years ago, I wasn’t able to speak for three months after having a brain hemorrhage operation,” the woman says.

“But living with them feels like I’m in paradise without any concerns in my life.”


The geese provide round-the-clock protection: they live outside the lady’s rental cottage.

And while they often chase off guests, they’re a welcome part of the complex and even have their own sign.

Who would love their own squad of bodyguards? Thank you to these loyal geese for keeping this woman safe.

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