Smart Great Dane senses danger, saves family by chasing down home intruder

Smart Great Dane senses danger, saves family by chasing down home intruder

Dogs are amazing pets in so many ways: not only are they friendly and loyal companions, but they can help protect your home and keep you safe.

Dogs have incredible instincts, and even the most gentle dogs can spring into action when they sense danger. That was the case for one Great Dane, who lived up to his “greatness” by protecting his family from a break-in.

Tracey McCoy, from Oklahoma City, is the owner of a 122-pound Great Dane named Dubai.


In January, Tracey was home with her just her son Nathaniel, who is blind, and her two dogs, according to KFOR.

But suddenly, they had an unexpected visitor: a stranger entered the home through the back door.

At first, there was no alarm: the first one to spot the intruder was Dubai, who didn’t appear suspicious of the man at first, the intruder even petted the dog.


That is until Tracey entered. She had heard the sliding door and thought it was her son, and screamed in shock when she saw the strange man instead.

This made Dubai sense his family was in danger—he suddenly realized this stranger was an intruder.

The big dog sprang into action, biting and chasing the man away.

“The instant that I screamed, Dubai understood that that person was not welcome here,” Tracey told KFOR.

“He immediately did an about-face literally and started after the gentleman, and he escorted him out by the rear end with his teeth.”


With Dubai after him, the intruder fled the scene. Tracey called the police, who soon arrived and apprehended the man, identified as Robert Ward.

Ward was charged with first-degree burglary. While justice was served, Tracey was still left shocked by the incident.

“It changes everything,” Tracey told KFOR. “It changes how you feel. It changes your level of security. It changes your confidence at that moment.”

But the family can feel at least a bit safer knowing that Dubai is on guard ready to protect them.


What a good dog! It’s amazing how smart dogs can be, able to sense danger and act to protect their families. Share this story!