14-inch goldfish found in Niagara River highlights why you should never flush a fish down the toilet

While you should always be able to care for a pet, sometimes there are circumstances that prevent you from providing the care they need.

In those instances you should know where to turn to find a loving home for your pet.

A friend or an animal shelter are good options, but one place that many fish owners turn – the toilet – is never a good option.


Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper issued a warning to fish owners after they discovered a 14-inch goldfish in the Niagara River. The nonprofit organization found the goldfish downstream of the wastewater treatment plant.

While the giant goldfish is impressive, the fact that it was found in the Niagara River is troubling because the group says not only can goldfish survive all year in the watershed, but they destroy the habitat of native fish.

This is why you should never flush your fish! This 14-inch goldfish was caught in the Niagara River, just downstream of…

Gepostet von Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper am Freitag, 14. Juni 2019

Experts estimate there are millions of goldfish in the Great Lakes.

In 2015, 113,800 pounds of goldfish were caught in Lake Erie in Michigan and Ohio. Although many argue whether they are invasive, one thing is for sure they are a nuisance.

To prevent more goldfish from infiltrating the Great Lakes and other ecosystems, fish owners can return their fish to the store if they can no longer care for it, according to Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper. You can also give your fish to a new owner, anything but flush it down the toilet.

I didn’t know that goldfish could destroy an ecosystem.

If you can’t take care of your goldfish, please do not flush it down the toilet or release it. Share this so others will know this seemingly harmless act could have on certain ecosystems.