France to ban use of animals in traveling circuses, breeding orcas and dolphins, and mink fur

Times change, and as more people become aware of how many parts of our culture cause unnecessary harm to animals, the more demand there is for change.

New laws have been passed and proposed all over the world, changing how animals are used in entertainment and the fashion industry.

Now, France is proposing a sweeping change to their laws that will greatly benefit these animals and save them from lives of cruelty.


Barbara Pompili, the country’s minister of ecological transition, announced today new measures on the “well-being of captive wildlife,” according to French paper Le Monde.

While these measures are going to be gradual and there is no set timetable yet, the measures are being hailed as a victory for animal rights.


Reinventing circuses

One new act will be banning the use of wild animals in traveling circuses. Animals like elephants, lions and tigers have historically been used in circus acts, but critics say a life on the road—and in captivity—can be extremely harmful to the animals’ wellbeing.

The French government says they will help circus owners adjust to the transition, and help to rehome the performing animals.

“We ask them [in circuses] to reinvent themselves,” Pompili said.


An end to breeding whales and dolphins

Pompili also announced a major change to how captive sea life is treated in the country.

No new dolphins or orcas will be allowed to be bred in captivity. There are three dolphinariums currently in France, home to four orcas.

The government hopes to gradually transfer the current animals to a sanctuary over the next few years.


No more mink fur

Pompili announced that France will also ban the breeding of mink for their fur.

“Our times have changed in their attitude towards wild animals,” the minister said.

“It is time that our ancestral fascination with these wild beings no longer translates into situations where their captivity is favored over their well-being.”

We’re so glad to hear that France is enacting these laws to help end animal cruelty, and hope other countries follow their example!

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