Kangaroo dressed in a ballerina tutu is taunted in the name of entertainment

The abuse of animals in the name of entertainment and those that pay to watch it continues to shock animal lovers around the world.

Circuses are the biggest supporter of this barbaric practice; something that should have been banned years ago.

Often these animals are taken out of their natural habitat and forced to live in cramped conditions and face cruel punishments should they not perform as expected by their brutal handlers.

One image that emerged on social media is of a kangaroo dressed in a ballerina tutu and forced to perform in a Russian circus.

The shocking image was uploaded to animal rights Instagram page Lis Help Animals and soon went viral. It appears to be taken from a YouTube video which shows the cruelty of the animal’s treatment in full.


With its head bowed and dressed in humiliating costume the kangaroo’s handler taunts it and pulls it around the ring by its tail. The sound of laughter can be heard as the frightened creature fights back.

The sickening display prompted thousands of angry comments condemning the animal’s treatment.

“Russian circus. Kangaroos doing ballet. You read correctly. Another way to exploit exotic animals, under the disguise of a delicate ballet,” the social media post read.

“Abused animals, entertaining over 70 million Russian circus-goers.”

A photo of a kangaroo dressed as a ballerina at a Russian circus has infuriated Australian social media users. Source: Instagram/li_help_animals

Thousands were outraged at the sight, expressing their concern in comments left beneath the photo after it was shared to Animal Rights/Vegan Australia’s Facebook.

“Kangaroos do not belong in tutus doing tricks in a circus! They are wild animals and belong in the wild! This is animal abuse,” someone wrote.

“This is bloody ridiculous. Animals are NOT for entertainment. This Roo should be in our Aussie bush with his mob,” another person said.

Another Facebook user wrote: “What kind of unevolved mind would enjoy this?”


Circuses are banned in 27 countries with England being the latest to introduce the ban, according to Peta.uk.

“Animals in circuses have been either bred in captivity or taken from their homes and enslaved – solely for the purpose of entertainment,” a post on the organization’s website read.

“They’re condemned to a sad and frustrating existence, carted from one venue to another in cramped cages and barren trailers and trained to perform tricks to avoid being beaten or otherwise abused.”

This cruel practice needs to stop, there is no place for it modern society.

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