Four zookeepers move in to zoo full-time to care for animals during closure

Four zookeepers move in to zoo full-time to care for animals during closure

Due to the coronavirus pandemic everyone is keeping inside their homes to prevent the spread. Most businesses are closed, and employees are working from home.

But then there’s four people who have decided to actually isolate themselves at work… but at least they’ll have plenty of cute animals to keep them company.

Four zookeepers at Paradise Park in Cornwall, England are self-isolating at the wildlife sanctuary, to keep the animals well-fed and on schedule throughout a potentially months-long closure.

As we reach the point when the Park temporarily closes, everything is in place to ensure the birds and animals will be…

Posted by Paradise Park on Friday, March 20, 2020

The zoo closed on March 21 in accordance with bans on large gatherings, but employees Izzy, Emily, Sarah-Jane and Layla have moved in to a house on the property.

“We’re all really enjoying it, but obviously we’re missing our families quite a lot, but it’s really nice having our work family all here together,” Izzy told BBC.

The four live-in zookeepers are supported by a rotating crew of workers to take care of the many animals on the site.

“We have just under 1,200 individual birds and mammals to look after, feeding, cleaning, giving medications, supplying enrichment activities, and any vital maintenance,” Izzy told Metro.

Keeper Sarah-Jane feeding Scarlet the Red Panda with some panda cake this morning 🙂

Posted by Paradise Park on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Their work ensures that the animals will continue to be well taken care of even as the park ceases operation.

It also helps keep the animals on their regular routines, ensuring that the zoo will be able to smoothly resume operation when it reopens.

For instance, some of their penguins are always fed in the afternoon as part of a live feeding demonstration, but while they have no crowds, the employees continue to go through the routine as if their are visitors.

The penguins miss you all already!To keep the penguins in their routines, the keepers are still doing Penguin feeding…

Posted by Paradise Park on Saturday, March 21, 2020

And while no one can visit the park for the next few weeks, fans can continue to check in on the penguins via a livestream, as well as continue to check out photos from the zoo on social media.

Thank you to these women for taking care of the zoo! It can’t be easy being away from your families for so long, but it’s worth it to make sure these animals are cared for.

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