Elephants charge scared hunters who shot one of their own

A video showing a herd of elephants charging a trophy hunter is causing a stir online.

The dramatic clip, which might be difficult for some, shows a hunter shoot at some elephants in the Nakabolelwa Conservancy in Namibia and what happens next is not only slightly predictable, but well deserved.

Corné Kruger, a big game hunter in Namibia, told News 24 that although the video was uploaded at the end of 2018, it was more than likely filmed three to four years earlier.

“I don’t know why it only surfaced now,” he said.

In the video two men are shown observing a herd of elephants at close proximity. As the elephants start to walk towards them, they aim their rifles and fire several times. Kruger believed the men hit a bull.

As soon as the elephant falls to the ground, the rest of the elephants begin to charge at the hunters.

Kruger, who owns Omujeve Hunting Safaris, said that elephant hunting is a “sensitive issue,” but it is legal in Namibia. The practice also benefits the community.

“We employ 12 people from the community, some of them as game guards,” he said. “The funds go to conservation and fund anti-poaching units.”

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