Doorbell camera captures snake spring from hiding spot, bite unsuspecting man in the face

Doorbell cameras are great inventions.

If our packages seemingly disappear into thin air after they’ve been delivered they can help us catch the suspected thief. They also allow us to see who is at our front door step without having to move from our spot, and though not their intention, they can also provide us with some really great viral videos.


Jerel Heywood was visiting his friend’s home in Lawton, Oklahoma when he was attacked by a snake, and it was all caught on his friend’s doorbell camera.

“Take me to the hospital, take me to the hospital,” Heywood yelled as he entered his friend, Rodney Copeland’s home.

A five foot snake had just bitten him in the face.

The camera captured the moment the snake attacked.

“I got bit by a snake. Didn’t know what kind it was,” Heywood told CNN. “Have to get to the hospital.”

Copeland and his wife, who were shocked about the incident, took their friend to the hospital where they all learned the snake was, thankfully, not venomous and Heywood would be fine.

“No stitches, thankfully, but they cleaned me up pretty good,” Heywood said.

Copeland believed the snake had been seeking shelter under his front porch after heavy rain passed through the area.

“When you think things aren’t going right… Just be thankful a snake didn’t bite you in the face today.”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t good news for the snake. A neighbor heard the commotion and showed up at Copeland’s home with two hammers.

The doorbell camera also captured the demise of the snake, which is currently no longer a threat to Copeland’s family or any of their guests.

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