Disabled old possum learns to walk again after getting his own special wheelchair

Possums don’t often get a lot of love from humans: they’re often seen as pests or roadkill. But possums really are sweet animals who help humans in a lot of ways, like in keeping the tick population down.

So it’s always inspiring to see people go above and beyond to help these often-misunderstood creatures. Recently, one special needs possum got a very special gift, after receiving a special wheelchair to help him walk again.

Kewpie, a one-and-a-half-year-old male possum, has spent his life in the care of the Wilderness Trail Wildlife Center in London, after he was rescued as a baby following an attack by a cat.

The possum had “severe neck injuries and was highly anemic due to blood loss,” according to Walkin’ Pets.

He also has dwarfism, is missing his right eye and has a snub nose and an underbite. Unable to survive in the wild, he has lived full-time in the care of the Wildlife Center, and has become their beloved ambassador.

“People adore him. I made him my USDA ambassador for my educational presentations because he’s so loving,” says founder Tonya Poindexter.

But at his age, he’s already a senior in possum years, and his medical conditions have started to take a serious toll. He had difficulty walking and maintaining balance.

According to Walkin’ Pets, he was diagnosed with osteoporosis in his legs and hip, and mild scoliosis in his spine.

Tonya was “heartbroken,” but refused to give up on her beloved possum friend. She reached out to Walkin’ Pets, an organization dedicated to helping injured and disabled pets by supplying them with mobility devices.

Walkin’ Pets agreed to help — and built the first-ever possum wheelchair.

Fitted with his new, custom wheels, Kewpie is learning to walk again. “Now, with his new opossum wheelchair, Kewpie can stand upright, relieve himself easily, and is working to rebuild his leg strength,” Walkin’ Pets wrote.

Tonya was overjoyed with the result. She says the possum is very independent and likes “going on adventures” without her help, and while it will take some time to get fully used to the chair, Kewpie is already looking like his old self.

“He still has a lot to figure out about his new transportation, but he seems to already be getting the hang of it,” Tonya told WTVQ. “He knows that he can get to places much faster and without as much effort.”

“[He] has his dignity again, he’s still learning, but he’s so happy!”

We’re so glad this beautiful possum can walk again, thanks to this incredible wheelchair! Thank you to everyone who has helped Kewpie live his best life.

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